It’s a slice of Americana – the quiet little town of Bedlam, Illinois. In the center of this charming village is Bedlam’s City Hall. The town’s sidewalks are lined with quaint little shops, several accented with colorful awnings. Many of the turn of the century buildings, park benches, mailboxes and streetlights take you back to a simpler time. But for the traffic lights and dozens of modern cars parked throughout you would think it was 1950.As scenic as it may be, something is amiss about this town. It has a secret. And the secret is in the name. Bedlam! At any given moment, all hell can break loose. And when it does, watch out. “There’s a sniper down that alley!” “He’s behind the car!”The place goes into total anarchy. The police chief has enacted a curfew to no avail as skirmishes last throughout the day into the night.